More highlights from the outstanding lineup for 2007.

Every day, every hour, there is something for everyone at Network’07! Last month, we shared with you the first three in a series of meeting highlights we will be covering until Network’07 is here. Let’s take a look at a few more…

HIGHLIGHT #4: Keynote presentation Leadership in a Wired World.

Terry Jones, founder of, is a branding and marketing visionary on the leading edge of web-based business.  As one of the most skilled and accomplished business leaders in the field of electronic commerce, Jones is a lively and entertaining speaker who will offer our audience real-world examples of how we can use today’s web-based initiatives to our best advantage. 

ALL attendees, regardless of the size of their companies or markets, will leave this presentation with ideas on using the web to enhance their profitability and customer service.

HIGHLIGHT #5: Promoting the Use of Professional Manufacturers' Representatives

In keeping with the mission of the organization, AIM/R is sponsoring a program that "promotes the function" - an in-depth journey into the benefits of selling through and buying from multiple-line, field sales professionals and how to promote that value with your customers.

HIGHLIGHT #6: ASA Wholesaler, Manufacturer & Rep Breakfast Presentation

It’s not just for breakfast anymore!Corporate Values Are a Business Proposition - Not Just Pretty Words on the Wall is a presentation from Dr. Ken Majer, who will engage our audience in a lively discussion about the importance of having core values in our organizations. Ken will explain how a company can create core values based on the values of the leadership of the company, and align a values-driven workforce to achieve productivity gains and increased profitability.This event is sponsored by ASA’s Vendor Member Division.

HIGHLIGHT #7: Channel Marketplace

Our industry’s signature table top networking session offers manufacturers and other vendors the chance to talk with their industry partners, face-to-face, about how they can explore new opportunities exclusive to them. This focused time will recharge your business relationships. The timing of Network’07 makes it the perfect venue for discussing your growth and profitability plans for 2008.   

For a complete agenda and registration information, visit or call 312-464-0090.

As a reminder…
WHERE: Anaheim, CA
WHEN: October 24-27, 2007