The ASA Education Foundation's newest program, Customer Service: Your Path to Higher Profits, is now available for purchase. The Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund provided the resources to develop this condensed and highly interactive 40-page workbook.

Customer Service follows the Foundation's premise that training must focus on activities that drive profits by teaching that “superb service” is a prerequisite for above- average profits. The program introduces the concept of customer profitability, understanding the customer's business model, and that serving the internal customer is a critical component of serving the outside customer.

Chapter contents include:

1. How “superb” service improves profitability

2. Causes and consequences bad, fair, good and superb levels of service

3. What contractor, MRO and OEM customers want

4. Why customer profitability must drive service decisions

5. Why “superb” service to the internal customer is critical

6. Key components of a service guarantee

7. How to avoid the “Big 4” service errors

8. How to get customers to tell you what they think about your service

9. Key performance measures of your service

We designed this program with a “Bringing-It-In-House” feature in each chapter, so that you can tap into the knowledge and intelligence of your entire staff on how to improve the service. A description of the workbook, table of contents, sample pages, managers' information guide and ordering information can be viewed at