We're pleased to announce that Customer Service: A Path to Higher Profits, a new condensed and highly interactive, 40-page workbook is now available. Customer Service introduces employees to basic concepts of customer service and the connection of “Superb Service” to a company's increased profit level.

Employees learn that the customers define service. They see how specific groups like contractors and MRO/OEM accounts define what they value most from the wholesale distributor. Employees also learn how service to the outside customer depends on how well they serve the “internal customer.” In addition, the workbook describes several measures of service, connects service decisions to customer profitability and offers several tips and techniques for communicating positively with customers.

The workbook uses “Bringing-it-in-House” exercises to encourage employees to make recommendations on how the principles and techniques they are learning can make an immediate service improvement in their own company.

We designed this program so that it can also provide an excellent tool to tap into the knowledge and intelligence of your entire staff on how to improve the business. A description of the workbook and ordering information is available on www.asaef.org.