Both men and women agreed that showering once a day is the way to go, according to a telephone survey conducted in October by Tele-Nation for Celesta Luxury Glass Enclosures®. Sixty-two percent of the men and 64% of the women surveyed said they shower every day, while 27% of men and 22% of women shower twice or more per day. The remaining survey respondents shower six times a week or less.

In the shower, 60% of men and 64% of women prefer washing their hair first, then their bodies.

Both sexes admitted to multi-tasking in the shower. For example, 31% of men and 24% of women said they brush their teeth while in the shower; 15% of men and 14% of women talk on the phone; and 11% of men and 5% of women take their morning beverage of choice into the shower.

A long hot shower was preferred as more relaxing than watching television by 53% of men and 59% of women.

Given a choice of four tasks: pay bills, speak in public, clean the shower or visit the dentist, 22% of men chose cleaning the shower (ranked third overall after public speaking and paying bills) and 27% of women opted to clean the shower (ranked second after paying bills).

The survey panel consisted of 485 men and 515 women.