A nationwide survey of 500 people about their bathroom habits and attitudes found that 62% visit the rest-room nearly 15 times a day.

The research, conducted by Toto, a manufacturer of plumbing products, also revealed that 65% are likely to talk on the phone while using the facilities.

Of the 85% of respondents who said they read while in the bathroom, 90% said they prefer magazines to books or newspapers.

While 52% of those surveyed said they clean the toilet at least once a week, 36% confessed to doing it only once a month.

Some of the strangest things people have accidentally dropped in the toilet include a hair piece, cell phone, shoe, wedding ring, underwear and key to the bathroom.

The results of the survey were released in November to coincide with National Toilet Day on Nov. 10.

"We wanted to make people aware of National Toilet Day along with Toto's role in the industry in a fun, lighthearted manner," said Newbold Warden, Toto's marketing communications manager, in a statement.