Behavioral market research on consumer shower habits led to the creation of Moen's new Revolution showerhead.

¿Most people think they spend up to 20 minutes in the shower, but our research showed people actually shower in 10 minutes or less,¿ said Jack Suvak, director of marketing research.

¿Consumer testing and research proved that two-thirds of consumers were looking for greater water flow from their showerhead, and almost 60% wanted more force,¿ said Tim McDonough, senior product manag-er/bath. The patented technology of Moen¿s new showerhead spins each water droplet while simultaneously twisting the whole shower stream.

Other findings included:

  • Consumers frequently have only one free hand to use in the shower (the other is often used for balance or to hold bathing accessories.

  • People shower for different reasons at different times during the day (to wake up or relieve stress, for example).

  • Because multiple people use the same shower during the day, consumers want to be able to easily adjust a shower stream to fit their moods and preferences.

  • Consumers cite force, frequency and coverage as the three most important features they look for in a new showerhead.

  • Bathers often keep their eyes closed during a shower, creating difficulties maneuvering in the shower.

  • Many bathers who wear contact lenses do not wear them in the shower and have trouble seeing things.

  • A low-flow showerhead can release a more stimulating spray.

  • People use only one or two settings on a multifunction showerhead.