One of the most under-utilized, but extremely valuable tools that ASA offers its members each year is the Operating Performance Report (OPR). The excerpt that we've provided with this installment of the ASA News offers just a glimpse of the tremendously powerful information that's contained in this comprehensive annual report.

Each year, over 200 companies from around the United States participate in this survey. Participants receive a copy of the entire, 102-page OPR, as well as an individualized Company Performance Report. This customized report presents a company's own ratios and data computed and compared to the industry data compiled in the OPR. The Company report also includes trend data in graphical and tabular form, invaluable in any assessment of market performance. That's a tremendous amount of vital information in return for the $65 participation fee!

May 27th Deadline to Participate
Distributors wishing to participate are encouraged to complete the survey form and submit it no later than May 27th. Those responding before April 21st will also receive a quick-turnaround "Executive Summary Profile" in addition to their Company Performance Report at no extra charge. For survey forms, contact Barb Burdiak at ASA at 312-464-0090 or email The cost to participate is $65.

IDB is not the same as source asa
While the IDB seeks to develop a repository of product data, it is not the same thing as Source ASA. The IDB is designed to provide a much more robust collection of product data that is published on-demand every time the information changes, rather than monthly (as Source is). This will fuel the business systems of wholesaler distributors in their purchasing and recordkeeping activities.

The entire contents of the popular e-catalog Source ASA, are included within the IDB; however, the Source program remains an optional-use component. Published since 1996, Source combines product specification and catalog sheets with powerful, Internet-based technology to empower distributors to deliver up-to-date product information in the sales and marketing phases of their businesses.

For more information on the IDB Industry DataBase, go to, or contact Kevin Price ( at 800-608-7308.