Last night over dinner I was asked by a client CEO, “What stops execution of strategy, plans and initiatives.” My answers, while true, focused on the tactical. On my way back to the hotel I had different, and I believe, more meaningful reasons for lack of execution.

Yes, time, resources, bandwidth, loss of focus, changing priorities and management commitment, and bad plans are causes for lack of execution.

Those, however, I concluded on my way home are the symptoms and not the cause.  

The cause.  

Lack of Belief. Do you REALLY BELIEVE down to your core that what you aspire to achieve is achievable? The twinkle of doubt kills more plans than any availability of resources.  Belief equals grit and commitment that can not be stopped.

Lack of Trust. Do you REALLY TRUST those on your team? That twinkle of being unsure of the others’ intentions and abilities destroys momentum more than bandwidth ever has. Trust equals a bias for action.

Do You Believe? Do You Trust?

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