Chris Nicosia



How long have you been in the industry?

36 years.

What is the most rewarding part of your career in PHCP-PVF?

I have had the privilege of working for a handful of wonderful companies during my career, but Delco Sales has been my most rewarding endeavor. I came to Delco in 2010 and, along with my partner Larry Burchill, we’ve been able to grow the business from 24 employees to 68 — and we’re still growing! The impact of this growth goes far deeper, as the wellbeing of our 68 employees and their families is intricately tied to the company's success. Knowing that what we’ve built, and continue to build, is contributing to the lives of people I care about so much is the ultimate reward. Additionally, it’s incredibly rewarding to watch our team members develop their careers within Delco. We always look to grow and nurture our employees and promote from within.

What advice do you have for women coming into the industry, or that are early on in their career?

Go into this career knowing that you will have to work harder and be better than your male counterparts. Despite coming a long way, it’s still a male dominated industry. Work hard, be confident, never compromise your integrity and always do the right thing.

What can PHCP-PVF companies be doing to better support and empower women in our industry?

Continue doing what you’re doing. This is a fantastic industry with many incredible women serving it. Continue to platform and acknowledging these fantastic women.