Shannon Irby



How long have you been in the industry?

I started in the industry in 2004 as a trainee at Ferguson Enterprises. I am now coming up on 20 years in the plumbing and construction world.

What is the most rewarding part of your career in PHCP-PVF?

Absolutely the relationships I have built and the remarkable people I’ve had the opportunity to meet throughout my journey. There have been so many people along the way who inspire me in all different ways.

What advice do you have for women coming into the industry, or that are early on in their career?

I have learned so many things throughout my career about women and working and myself. As a female entering a male-dominated industry, I would say to learn as much as you can, advocate for yourself, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I found passion in each position I took on. Finding passion in your brand, your service, your knowledge and believing in what you bring to each role will make you valuable to everyone inside and outside your organization.

What can PHCP-PVF companies be doing to better support and empower women in our industry?

Honestly, just doing things such as this feature. Bringing to light women who have been successful and are able to have both family and career and not being forced to sacrifice one for the other. Early in my career I wanted to conquer the world and rise to the very top. As I’ve gotten older, my goals and priorities have changed, but I’ve always been inspired by women who break the glass ceiling and remind me I can do whatever it is I want to do. I don’t have to follow a set path but instead I can make my own.