Last month we talked about the importance of courting your designer market, and how to build a team supported strategy to take your good showroom brand out of its showrooms and win this business opportunity. If you did not read last month’s article, please click here. Now to the next steps…

Employing the strategy you and your team crafted, your salespeople have started venturing into money-rich luxury markets and are now educating influential designers about what your team does do very well. They are sharing your company's key deliverables and opening their eyes to designs, applications and products they never knew existed. Now that you have earned their attention, let’s show them that visiting a showroom is no longer an absolute necessity. They can have comprehensive knowledge of what's new and popular in the luxury plumbing world and can specify the best products in style and function for all their projects.

It's all about focused in-person or video, Zoom style, conference meeting. These are quick, focused discussions on what's new, what's hot, and how this now unknown application will send their bath and kitchen design over the top. These scripted, focused, and beneficial meetings maintain the face-to-face relationship on both sides. You gain access to their teams, and learn that they can rely on your team for their plumbing expertise.

Next, launch these meeting scripts into the realm of social media. Once a week, post a video of one product presented in your scripted meetings on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever your targeted designers, builders, plumbers, and homeowners engage with your brand. They must be short and to the point. Hello, this is the product and why is it special, done. Do not overdo it. There are millions of social media posts out there and yours will be informative and laser focused.

Another advantage of sharing the same basic story with your clients and social media followers is that you're demonstrating that you're keeping all your customers up-to-date and on the same page. And all the people on your team know because the scripts are shared with them and all the information in the scripts starts with their input. It’s a team effort.

To collect contact for the next month script, simply repeat the exercise we discussed in last month’s article. Send out an email to your team, all members asking these questions like these:

  • What showroom product seem to be gaining momentum?
  • Why do you think they are?
  • What finish or textures do see starting to emerge?
  • Have any customers asking for a style, finish, function that we do not have?
  • What is it and what do you think about it?
  • What do we need to display that we do not currently show?
  • Why do you think it is important?
  • What is a product that you like that is not getting any attention with your customers?
  • Why do you like it?

Always try to personalize these questions, as you want their actual thoughts, not the general, watered down, averaged, debated and whitewashed statement. And remember it is important to have them type their thoughts individually, not in a group. When you get people together and ask such questions, all of the social dynamics come into play and you get the input of a few and whitewashed statement.

Don't overthink this. These meetings and social media videos can discuss well-known brands, obscure brands, new styles, whatever. And I suggest, three key filters:

  1. Limit it it to three products
  2. Present lines that consistently yield a solid margin.
  3. Avoid wasting time on presenting very popular brands that are widely available and heavily discounted. Share the best of your collection.

So with a three product video how do I create 4 or 5 weekly social media videos? Simple, the monthly lead in is a quick overview saying see you next week with more information on XXX. End each video with a tease line about what is next. If it is a 5 week month, add a quick talk introducing an employee.

Throughout all of this, the main and overriding rule is to maintain consistency. Write the script, schedule the meetings, create and post the videos, and get out in the field. Don't stop. Consistency is the key. Your brand remains well-informed and supportive, which is precisely what a designer needs.

Remember that even during a major remodel, designers may specify products ranging from paint to carpets and plumbing fixtures to dining room tables and chairs. The diversity of what a top designer specifies and sources is vast and very knowledge intensive. The opportunity for your team is to become their plumbing knowledge source, something every design firm requires. Even large-scale firms with 20 or more people seldom have the time or capacity to dedicate a person solely to plumbing. You fill that gap. When you effectively leverage your team's collective individual knowledge and create efficient delivery methods n manageable portions, design firms have no need to consider hiring, educating, and retaining a plumbing expert on their staff.

And with all this focused work comes a bonus: trend reporting. People are constantly seeking the latest trends. No one wants a bathroom or kitchen based on outdated look. With your focused, market-based strategy, you become the source of current trends in your market. Most trend reports are based on nationwide or New York sales numbers and lack roots in your world. With your program, you will convey the real story of what's "in" with your kitchen and bath customers.

Net month we look into how you will make your showroom the diplomatic center of the design, building, homeowner and plumbing worlds.

Please reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any questions or simply want to throw and idea around.