Knowledge is power. And knowledge is powered by data. Access to real, actionable data is one of the most important tools for any leader in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The ability to analyze, manipulate and act upon real-time information is not only a need but increasingly a requirement for success in business today.

However, it isn’t just access to data that matters. To complicate things even more, it’s about access to quality, timely information that really matters. Sifting through the reams of available information in today’s world can be overwhelming. So much so that a natural inclination is to stop looking for fear of drowning in numbers that really don’t help drive a business forward.

Luckily, there is a clearinghouse in our industry that already does the hard work of gathering and producing quality, real-time data — the programs produced by the ASA Business Intelligence unit.

One of ASA’s four core pillars is its robust data analytics and benchmarking programs. No other entity in our industry has the ability and access to information across the entire country. The data and information is valuable. The benchmarking takes it to a whole other level.

For the past four decades, ASA’s Operating Performance Report, regarded as the gold standard of industry benchmarking tools, has been invaluable in assisting members in benchmarking their progress in their markets. This annual report is jam-packed with measurements on more than 70 critical data points and is frequently cited by members as an essential part of their strategic planning.

Our long-running ASA Monthly Sales Report tracks various segments (including industrial PVF) data in nine different categories, including monthly sales, gross profit margin and inventory levels, providing a critical snapshot on what is happening with sales within the PHCP-PVF distribution realm. Currently we are working to expand this valuable resource beginning next year with a more interactive and robust report. Stay tuned for more details to follow on these exciting updates.  

We have been highly fortunate to have a strong partnership with Dr. Chris Kuehl, who serves as ASA’s chief economist. Chris, along with his team at Armada Corporate Intelligence, provides members with clarity about what’s happening in the economy through his highly regarded monthly economic webinars, weekly podcast and written reports — each loaded with the most current trends, analysis and forecasts on economic topics of keen interest to our members.  

Finally, our commodity and wage reports round out an incredibly robust suite of business reports that members are increasingly leaning on to help guide their decision-making process.

Each year, the value of ASA’s business intelligence programs continues to expand in helping our members gain competitive advantages through acceleration of the decision-making process, increasing operational efficiencies and identifying market trends.

And the best part? This information is available to all members and is completely private and discreet.

The next time you are faced with a tough decision in your business and are looking for an edge to help guide you, don’t drown in data.

Drive your decisions with the incredible data repository available to you at ASA.