According to the Q4 2020 Houzz Renovation Barometer, the home renovation and design market has not only recovered to pre-pandemic levels, but the construction sector is reporting its strongest business activity since Q3 2018.

Homeowners are home more than ever, and it’s resulting in a booming residential remodel market. 


Bath and kitchen design trends

Delta Faucet Color Material Finish (CMF) Designer and Trend Specialist Maris Park says residential bathroom layout is changing.

“In bathrooms, we are seeing the most popular layout is the full main ensuite bathroom followed by the separate tub and shower layout,” he says.

“Bathrooms are not necessarily growing in size, but they are more efficient for owner’s wants and needs. Large shower rooms, floating vanities and freestanding tubs are the most popular.”

Thom Cohn, executive vice president with the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association, says some homeowners are installing handwashing stations in new areas within their homes.

“It’s becoming popular for handwashing stations to be installed in mud rooms or entryway areas of a home,” he says. “This helps ensure homeowners’ guests are able to wash their hands prior to entering main areas of the home.”

Crawford Supply, a Chicago-based plumbing and heating distributor with bath and kitchen showrooms, CEO Steve Feiger says customer needs are all about balancing design with functionality and style.

“With homeowners investing in their homes, we are seeing a pretty balanced need for popular designs that meet the functionality people are after in baths and kitchens these days,” he explains.


Materials and finishes 

Homeowners also desire some changes when it comes to hardware and plumbing fixture finishes. Tim Schroeder, president and CEO of Duravit, says earth tones are becoming popular. 

“There is definitely a return to earth tones and neutrals for an added sense of calm in the bathroom space,” he says. “Duravit offers options that include quartz consoles or even real wood to bring the feeling of nature into the bathroom and create an even more serene personal oasis.”

Park agrees, saying customers are drawn to warmer tones. 

“We’ve been in this area of cool greys and whites but are seeing the reintroduction of bronzes and browns in design,” he says. “Nature inspired tones and materials will be monumental going forward.”

Cohn says customers are after materials that are easy to clean. “Smudge proof finishes and toilets and showers that are easy to clean are the most desired.”


A wellness oasis

The feeling of wellness and investment in health are what fuels customers’ design choices today.

“The bathroom is not just a place for functionality anymore,” Cohn explains. “Steam systems, larger shower systems and more luxurious tubs are all popular; people are after a place to relax and have a few minutes to wash away the stresses of the day.”

Schroeder explains the goal is to give the end-user an extra sense of hygiene and wellbeing. 

“Whether it’s including a shower-toilet or smart mirror that allows for change of light temperature, there is certainly a trend towards maximizing wellbeing in the bathroom and utilizing products that lead with hygiene and technology,” he says. “Hygiene is taken into consideration at a multitude of style and price ranges so that the consumer does not need to compromise on product aesthetic to reach their desired level of hygiene.”

The societal shift of spending more time at home than ever has made people realize the ability to turn homes into a place that promotes health and wellbeing. 

“I think consumers are really in tune with the available options to turn their homes into a place they want to be and feel their best in,” Cohn says.

“Homeowners aren’t taking as many vacations, or spending money going out as often as before, so the ability to invest in remodels is there. Along withthe current design and technology trends in bath and kitchen products, this market presents true opportunity for showrooms.”