The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges to the day-to-day of industry employees, but many companies found a few bright spots within all the darkness. 

From strengthened family and community to funny pet videos, one had to take it where you could get it. But another bright spot emerged — the opportunity to put more focus on an area that frequently gets pushed down the list of priorities when business is good and employees are busy selling and helping customers — training and education. 

Programs that had already been launched found the traction needed for success, employees typically lacking the time to focus on training started or got caught up on their professional development journey, trainers bogged down with other responsibilities finalized their formal programs and put a process in place to manage the plan effectively, and job descriptions were updated and onboarding programs were developed. These are just a few of the positive outcomes!

ASA University is proud to have partnered with these ASA members, supporting each endeavor with courses, resources and expertise. The free coronavirus prevention and awareness courses, free manufacturer-specific training courses, and the greatly-reduced industry- and role-based professional development courses helped ASA membership stay informed, kept employees engaged, and prepared everyone for a time when the day-to-day is normal again. 

ASA University’s support will not stop here. We will continue to support the industry as we work to move forward on the other side of this crisis. Relevant and essential training can be found in the comprehensive ASA-U library of courses built for the industry. ASA-U Online allows learners to experience the training at their own pace, in engaging and fun ways, while also providing a platform for training administrators to manage and oversee their training program. Leaders are emerging and members are building their benches with the Master of Distribution Management program, and the ASA-U role-based training tracks make developing your team even easier.

The biggest value ASA University offers is access to a team of five experts here to help in any way we can. Want to build a more formalized training program? Need recommendations for training for a specific employee or department? Want to fully utilize the ASA-U Online training management portal? Want to set job expectations for every role? We are here to help! The ASA University team interacts with members every day to build custom experiences, give course recommendations, walk through the free resources available and share best practices. 

As the industry standard for employee development, ASA University is the only resource directed specifically to the PHCP, and industrial and mechanical PVF industry, built from the ground up by members. 

ASA-U combines both online and traditional learning methods to address the needs of new or seasoned employees to increase productivity, profitability and safety. 

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