For the last 10 years, I have reported on the happenings throughout the PHCP supply chain involving contractors, distributors, master distributors, reps, engineers and service providers.

This time, the breaking news centers on yours truly.

Last month I started a new chapter in my professional career as the vice president of sales and membership at the American Supply Association of which Supply House Times has been the longtime publication of.

To say I’m excited about this new chapter would be an understatement. It’s kind of rare in the working world to walk into an organization that a) you are highly familiar with and b) you know virtually all of your new teammates before ever setting foot in the door. Throw in the fact I’m still in the same industry with the same people I’ve gotten to know over the last decade and words such as grateful, blessed and fortunate quickly come to mind.

Since taking over Supply House Times early in my BNP Media tenure, I had the good fortune of being able to work closely with and get to know ASA staff members and association volunteer leaders. 

I had a catbird’s view of a national trade association that has rapidly risen in prominence as an indispensable part of our industry. And now I am part of a vibrant and growing group that is poised to make an even bigger splash and continue to mushroom in importance to its members. ASA’s future is blindingly bright and that’s great news for a great industry filled with great people.

I also am leaving some great people who have worked unbelievably hard to make the Plumbing Group one of the best entities within BNP Media, which for those unaware is the largest privately held business-to-business publishing company in the country. I will miss working with Nicole Krawcke (chief editor of Plumbing & Mechanical and the soon-to-be chief editor of PM Engineer) and Nadia Askar (Plumbing Group multimedia editor), two of the nicest people I’ve encountered and both seriously talented. As a manager, I couldn’t have asked for two better people to work with.

I had the good fortune to work with three publishers over the last decade who all believed in my abilities, taught me plenty and then got out of the way. Hats off to Bob Miodonski, Darrell Dal Pozzo and most recently, Dan Ashenden, a true pro, a cat I consider a good friend, and an expert wheelman on the road. I certainly will miss my interactions with salespeople Bill Boyadjis, Jean Eslick and Ellyn Fishman — again three high-character people. 

Another hat tip to longtime Supply House Times Art Director Mike Robinson. This dude is a machine when it comes to page design and quick turnarounds on said pages. Odd stat: I never once talked to Mike on the phone, always through email. That’s how seamless our collaboration was. 

But not so fast. You won’t be getting rid of me entirely in these pages. Starting in the May issue I will begin writing an ASA-focused column that brings to life the stories of ASA member companies and individuals. There are so many top-notch, forward-thinking companies and individuals flying the ASA banner. I can’t wait to tell their stories each month.

I also would remiss to not send a major shout out to my wife and daughter who put up with my beyond insane travel schedule over the last decade and rarely complained about it, even though I knew there were struggles because of my alter-ego as the world’s guest. Those two are tough as nails. I look forward to being at home much more often, being in the third-base coach’s box a hell of a lot more in my Wavin’ Willie persona, and watching an 11-year-old who has busted it for four years see the fruits of those efforts continue pay off in the softball pitching circle. Heck, even the devil’s children, aka our three crazy, but beyond lovable beagle dogs, are smiling. The black roller board won’t be brought out as much.

A little favor on this end as I wrap it up for the final time on this particular page. Whoever is named the new chief editor of Supply House Times (and as I’m writing this I have a pretty good idea who that will be), please welcome her into our great industry just like you did me 10 years ago. Show her the ropes and show her exactly why this industry is great. You’ll meet her in the April issue.

See you at the next industry event.