What do we mean when we talk about “grassroots campaigns?” From ASA’s perspective it simply means a campaign where we ask ALL stakeholders in the PHCP or PVF supply chain impacted by the issue to get engaged and contact their government elected representatives. Please note that I used the phrase “ALL stakeholders” in the last sentence; ASA grassroots campaigns are not limited to ASA members, they are open to all stakeholders in the PHCP or PVF supply chain including: non-ASA members, employees, and yes, even family members and friends.  

It is an established fact that grassroots campaigns have the ability to sway hearts and minds in government. Just imagine how loud our voice could be and the success we could achieve in driving legislation and regulation that benefits the PHCP and PVF supply chain if all of us get involved. 

In 2019, ASA invested in and launched a new grassroots online platform that makes it simple for those involved in the PHCP and PVF supply chain to let their voices be heard. The platform provides ASA positions on critical legislative initiatives. All it takes for anyone to engage is to click on a given issue, indicate where they live, and click the “send button.” The platform determines who your representatives are and makes the contact. In addition, there is a link that you can share with anyone to further increase our voice.

The grassroots campaigns ASA is currently promoting are summarized below:

An all-inclusive infrastructure package that includes provisions and funding for underground infrastructure, such as water and waste infrastructure, which are essential for our nation. Congress has talked about passing a huge infrastructure package and ASA Advocacy has been working hard to ensure our members and our nation’s needs are not left out.

The Water Justice Act: ASA supports legislation to adequately finance America’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. According to the EPA, CBO, and the GAO, the projected shortfall in clean water infrastructure investment will approach $500 billion over the next two decades.  The Water Justice Act, which would invest $250 billion in critical upgrades to the nation’s water infrastructure, consists of three main areas: Safe Water, Affordable Water and Sustainable Water. By doing so, it would address the ongoing drinking water crisis in the country. The comprehensive legislation would immediately invest in communities and schools to test for and remove contaminants in water, including replacing toxic lead service lines.

Get the Lead out of Assisted Housing Act of 2019 would help protect families from lead exposure by requiring the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to inspect for lead service lines, create a grant program to address lead contamination and allow a cross-check for lead in water when remediating a home for lead found in paint. 

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 2474, S. 1306): ASA strongly opposes the PRO Act. The Act would systematically alter labor law in favor of unions and at the expense of the rights of employees and employers alike and jeopardize the U.S. economy. Additionally, the PRO Act would greatly narrow the circumstances under which an individual can work as an independent contractor, and also violates employees’ rights to privacy and association. The bill mandates employers provide the contact information for all employees without prior approval from the employees themselves to union organizers. The bill also eliminates Right-to-Work protections nationwide, including in the 27 states that have passed Right-to-Work laws, forcing workers to fund union activity they do not support. 

The DRIVE-Safe Act would help to alleviate the nationwide shortage of commercial drivers by providing younger drivers with the opportunity to enter the industry. The DRIVE-Safe Act would create a two-step apprenticeship program to allow these younger drivers to enter the industry safely.  Candidates would be accompanied in the cab by experienced drivers for a total of 400 hours of on-duty time with at least 240 hours of driving time.


> ASA Advocacy needs your help to increase our voice in D.C. Please go to asa.net/grassroots to send your senators and congressman a prewritten letter to let them know these issues matter to our industry. Remember to spread the word to your employees, colleagues, friends and family, and have them use our portal to send a letter, as well.