The board of directors of both Embassy Group and WIT & Co. announced their shareholders have voted in favor of merging the two organizations.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Embassy Group and WIT & CO. will begin operating as one entity under the name of The Commonwealth Group, with offices in both Texas and Illinois.

Embassy Group, founded in 1991, and WIT & Co., founded in 1974, will boast combined revenue of more than $8.5 billion, 137 members and 1,450 locations across the continental United States as The Commonwealth Group.

“The merger will bring together two of the premier, member-owned, independent plumbing, heating and water works groups in the country,” said Mike Lepley, president of Embassy Group. “The new group will continue to drive financial returns to our shareholders, aligning with best in class manufacturers and operating with the utmost integrity and transparency.”

"The merging of Embassy and WIT into one unified group is a continuation of process improvement and building on best practices,” said Brandy Reed, executive vice president of WIT & Co. “We look forward to combining strengths of both organizations to build upon efficiencies benefiting all partners in the plumbing, HVAC and water works supply chain."