Being an active member of ASA makes our company better. As more of our people get involved with the variety of programs that ASA has to offer, each of them learns more about products, people, themselves, and our industry. They become more engaged in our company, serve our customers better, and that helps to make us successful. ASA programs cater to a variety of our associates, from entry-level training, to specialty groups, to strategic discussions for our executive team. 

ASA gives us the opportunity to give back to our industry. As we visit with our congressional representatives on Capitol Hill, along with our ASA peers, we feel proud to represent our people, ASA, and our industry. We share our concerns and give them badly needed grassroots information from our point of view.

The networking opportunities that participation in ASA affords me has enabled me to learn from my peers, thus helping me make better decisions when managing my own company. I get to hang out with some really smart people.

ASA membership has made our company better, but that’s only a part of the story. As companies like ours have similar results, our whole industry gets better. ASA provides us with the platform to help all of us get better at what we do. That, in my opinion, has been and will continue to be, the real value of the American Supply Association. I am proud to be a member, and proud to have played just a small part in ASA’s success. Happy 50th ASA!  May there be many more great years in your future.