Fifty years, five decades, or half a century; that’s a long time. Many changes have occurred, and I’ve witnessed them during my 45 years with ASA. I’ve seen ASA become more focused on the needs of its members and adapting to industry trends. Our association, its board and committees continue to evolve, but one thing that remains consistent is the focus on education. Recently, I took (and passed!) our new ASA University course “Fire Protection Systems.”

Whether that education is for our experienced employees’ knowledge or introducing a new generation to the industry, ASA is building on an important resource. Our industry continues to be more demanding, competitive and results-driven, and our employees are expected to have greater and the most current knowledge.


Management Training

At APR Supply Co., we use ASA’s education programs to develop our Young (and Mature) Leaders. ASA’s on-line courses bring valuable learnings that we have incorporated into our Management Trainee program. The ASA online courses are open to all our employees to increase their skill and knowledge base.

It is more important than ever for ASA member companies to have the valuable resource of the ASA University to keep our competitive edge. Growth and change are inevitable in our industry and I’m pleased to know that ASA is on our side in the future.