From Group Editorial Director Mike Miazga: This week the American Supply Association is hosting its annual Women in Industry Elevate2019 conference in San Diego, California. In the spirit of Elevate2019, Supply House Times brings you from its March 2019 issue 20 women who are making a difference in the PHCP-PVF industry. These individuals were nominated by either their company, ASA, AIM/R or their industry buying group/regional distributor association. Their unique and interesting stories will be featured here each day during the upcoming weeks.

Name: Katie Hubach
Company: Signature Sales (Corona, California)
Position: Vice President
Years at current company: 13


How did you get involved in the industry?

KH: Growing up, I watched my dad work directly for a plumbing manufacturer in sales, and I also got the opportunity to work in the industry at my parent's wholesale plumbing company while I was in high school. Although I grew up in the industry for much of my life, I really didn't get involved at Signature Sales until later. I got my degree in accounting, and went to work for a local CPA, eventually earning my CPA license. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I wanted to do more in my life than accounting. I reached out to my parents and found a new home at Signature Sales. I started in what I knew, accounting, but quickly gravitated to the sales side, since I enjoy working with customers so much. My background still helps in running the business, but I'm enjoying doing a lot more than debits and credits!


What do you like the most about your company?

KH: I am very proud to be on the Signature ownership team. The culture of Signature Sales has always been built on treating employees, customers and factory friends like family. Even though our firm has almost doubled in size over the last few years, I work hard every day to maintain the family culture that has been cultivated over the last 25 years.


Your advice to a young woman who may be considering joining our industry?

KH: Although women are still in the minority in the plumbing industry, I would definitely encourage young women to participate. This industry has some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As women, we have the ability to make a unique difference in the industry as we bring a different perspective. I'm so very proud to say that Signature Sales is loaded with talented women who have key roles with our firm. We have nine women on our inside support team and six in the field calling on our customers. All of them are difference-makers who are respected in the territory.