Economy Plumbing Supply celebrated the complete renovation of both its stores with a series of events in mid-February.

The “(r)Evolution of Economy Plumbing Supply” took place during store hours and included daily door prizes, free breakfast and happy hours, product demonstrations and training from vendors, and special pricing on select products.

For the past 12 months, Economy Plumbing Supply embarked on a major re-branding and remodeling of the showroom and plumbing counters at both locations in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, and suburban Fishers, Indiana.

After taking both showrooms down to the studs, Economy started from the ground up, gaining insight and advice from its team, customers and others.

According to Economy Plumbing Supply president John Strong, “A beautiful showroom has become a source of ambivalence in our industry — are we serving our customers or internet shoppers? Realizing that uncertainty and ambivalence are counterproductive to success, we have embraced the power of our showroom to draw customers in and engage them with beautiful and interactive displays and of course, with our fantastic team of consultants.”

Economy noted each showroom is unique to its space: the beautiful and historic terra cotta building downtown with expansive windows facing North Capitol Ave., and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail; and the more modern space on the north side of the city in the heart of the growing suburban community of Fishers.

Both plumbing counters were rebranded as “Pro Shops” in recognition of the plumbing knowledge of the counter pros and also for the distributor’s extensive inventory of plumbing repair parts, Economy explained. Products are on display, making selection easy, and the Economy Pros are available for advice and assistance.


Company history

Economy Plumbing Supply was born of necessity during the Great Depression when Edward Strong, a plumber, and Herbert Strong, a plumbing salesman, combined their resources and knowledge to create a business. Economy Plumbing Supply opened its doors in 1932 and was Indiana’s original plumbing showroom.

In 1984, Economy moved to its current downtown location and offered something unheard of at that time in the plumbing business: self-serve aisles of plumbing supplies. No longer did customers have to stand at the counter and wait for someone to bring them the fittings and pipe they needed. It was all on display to pick up and take to the cashier. A radical idea at a time when those “crazy big box stores” were just coming onto the scene, Economy noted..

In 1995, the company expanded to a second location on the north side of the city near the growing community of Fishers, which was selected as Money magazine’s best place to live in 2017.

Economy Plumbing is located downtown at 625 N. Capitol Ave., in downtown Indianapolis, and on the north side at 9755 Hague Road. There is free parking at both locations.