Baltimore, Maryland-based Northeastern Supply announced the recent hiring of four individuals.

Alan Cowan is Northeastern’s new vice president of sales. He manages residential, commercial and HVAC sales throughout Northeastern’s 34 locations.

Cowan has been in the plumbing and HVAC industry for 30 years, 16 of that with Northeastern. He started as a regional sales manager where he helped the company grow from 21 locations to where it is today at 34.  Most recently Cowan took over the responsibilities of residential sales manager and soon after he was named VP of sales. 

Northeastern noted Cowan has a forward way of thinking and a willingness to make decisions to accomplish great things. “My success is because of the good people that I’ve had around me for 16 years,” he said. 

The distributor also hired Joe Pierce to be its new commercial sales manager for its plumbing division. Pierce is responsible for creating and executing commercial programs for the region’s contractors and improving Northeastern Supply’s immersion into the commercial plumbing market. 

With 16 years in the industry, Pierce comes to Northeastern with a background in sales management, having previously worked for Ferguson Enterprises, Hajoca, Kohler and most recently as vice president of Sales for John Guest. 

Pierce said: “It’s an exciting time to be with Northeastern Supply. They are aggressively focused on sales growth and becoming the primary commercial plumbing source in the region.  I’m looking forward to helping achieve that goal.” 

Northeastern noted Pierce has a clear vision for the future of commercial plumbing at the company, and an intensity and eagerness to see it accomplished.

Additionally, Mike Denison was named Northeastern’s new HVAC sales manager. Denison will oversee Northeastern’s HVAC division with the goal of expanding product lines and becoming a full-service HVAC supplier, growing Northeastern to the next level, the distributor noted. 

Denison has been in the HVAC industry for 19 years, most recently coming from American Standard, where he was recognized as Northeastern’s strategic partner of the year. 

Northeastern said Denison’s background, technical knowledge and experience will allow him to quickly contribute to Northeastern and as Denison stated, “continue to advance Northeastern Supply’s business.”

Finally, Northeastern hired Jamie Leo to be the new marketing and creative service manager. Leo is responsible for overseeing the company’s brand and corporate identity through marketing campaigns, events and sales activities. 

Prior to joining Northeastern, Leo had more than 10 years of marketing experience, including digital marketing, web design and brand management.  Her background, creative knowledge and experience will allow her to quickly contribute to Northeastern, the distributor noted.