The staggering statistics are presented again, and again; 26% of the current PHCP/PVF industry workforce is women, yet the total available workforce consists of more than 50% women. ASA has traditionally represented an industry dominated by men, which is why the Women in Industry Division serves a critical role for the future and fills a much needed gap.

The American Supply Association is working on many levels to help attract new employees into this industry. Due to that, ASA Women in Industry (ASA WII) Division’s primary mission is to provide practical guidance, direction and education to assist women currently employed in or considering employment in the PHCP/PVF industry reach their professional and personal goals. By doing so, ASA member companies can attract, retain and promote qualified and educated women for long-term sustainability. As the fastest growing division within the association, we’ve clearly hit a cord.

The division offers many opportunities throughout the year to network and learn. Held at the end of April, the annual ASA Women in Industry Spring Conference is certainly a highlight. More than 200 women gathered in Savannah, Georgia this year to power their potential through educational sessions and vast networking opportunities. The chance to share best practices and connect with other women in the industry remains the top value, with additional information and support offered throughout the year.

As a way to attract the new generation of workers, students from Texas A&M’s Industrial Distribution Program attended the conference, networking and learning alongside division members. This connection with women early in their career helps to bring awareness to the PHCP/PVF industry for employment opportunities, build relationships with seasoned employees within the industry and navigate the day-to-day of their coming role in the workplace.

Not only is the goal of the division to attract women to our industry, but to also retain and develop them. We know that access to networking and building mentoring relationships, educational opportunities, and tools for success will increase the likelihood they find value and stay. ASA’s Women in Industry Division provides exactly that.

Toni Wall from The Collins Companies says of the division, “You will meet incredible people experiencing the same joy, frustration, and progression you are. It’s nice to hear you’re not alone.” And Sally Boyer from NIBCO suggests, “Use your network of female professionals to help to reach your career goals. This is an amazing industry filled with opportunities.”

Make a commitment as an organization and be a part of the future of our industry. For more information on the division, or how to join, visit