The ASA Women in Industry is a standing division of the American Supply Association, with a mission to provide practical guidance, direction and education to help women in the PHCP/PVF industry reach their personal and professional goals, and attract a more diverse workforce to the PHCP/PVF industry. While this is an enormous task, Women in Industry
is tackling it head on.

The division was formed in 2013 through the perseverance of strong women recognizing the need for a specialized network. Six years later, the group has grown from less than 100 members to over 400 women participating in the division. Women in Industry has proven to be the place for women at all levels of their career, in varied roles, to get a chance to receive educational opportunities tailored to them as well as networking opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise receive at any other industry events.

Additionally, ASA’s Women in Industry Division has recognized the importance of attracting the next generation into the industry. Each year, students from Texas A&M’s Society of Women in Industrial Distribution are invited to take part in the annual ELEVATE event, taking back with them the message of our industry and hopes for the future. The division’s goal going forward is to continue to partner with these university groups, and others, to aid in attracting new and diverse talent into our industry.


Opportunites for all women

One of the truly unique things about this division is that it is for women at all levels of the organization. Women who otherwise don’t attend events can travel to meet other women and truly get a feel for the industry, not just what they’ve experienced in their workplace. The opportunity to network and create relationships, whether it is finding a mentor, becoming a mentor or just making new friends, the options for what this division can offer only continues to expand.


Growing fast

The ASA Women in Industry Division is the fastest growing group within ASA. Women want to be a part of it and companies want their female employees to receive all the benefits that belonging to this division offers. Through its webinars, informational articles included in Supply House Times, the ELEVATE Spring Conference, ASA WII LinkedIn Group, the Alice Martin Woman of the Year Award, receptions and everything else the Division continues to offer its members throughout the year, it is no surprise that this division is only continuing to grow and get stronger.

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