According to the research conducted by Dirk Beveridge, distribution expert, innovator and Supply House Times columnist, 42% of industry companies believe they are rooted in the past. How do you drive the growth of your company if legacy and fear of the future is holding you back? Keeping up is no longer an option, but how do you stay out in front when the pace of change is happening so quickly?

The American Supply Association has prioritized its efforts on defining the major challenges that the membership will face in the next 10 years, and offering the tools and resources needed by the membership to get ahead, to survive, thrive and grow. With a specific focus on the employee retention and development needs, the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees met in Chicago last month to align the goals of ASA University with tomorrow’s business requirements.

As we look ahead at the challenges that will face the industry — attracting new talent to replace an aging workforce, disruptive technologies, evolving customer requirements and other unknown threats to our supply chain – ASA University is uniquely positioned to stay ahead of the needs you will require to keep and grow the best talent. The Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund provides the funds necessary to stay in front of the challenges ahead and the qualified team of ASA-U Advisors is on call for member support and customized solutions.

You can expect ASA University to continue to build the most relevant and impactful education offerings for the business of the future, delivered in new and effective ways for optimal learning. ASA members will continue to have access to a library of resources to ensure employee retention and development, and content will expand in anticipation of needs. Mentoring, succession planning, employee engagement, career pathways, onboarding, performance management: this support is available now and will continue to expand and evolve for your needs of tomorrow.

Have no fear. ASA University is and will always be your resource to help you remain an employer of choice, to keep the best talent, to develop the top leaders, and to succeed during times of much uncertainly and exponential change.

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