ASA members are constantly reminded of the changes that are impacting their businesses. The pace of change that is impacting not only their businesses but our industry is unprecedented. Disruptive technologies, commoditization, shifts of employee availability, evolving customer requirements and threats to our traditional channel markets demand that to remain relevant, distributors will need to embrace dynamic change or risk their very survival. Even our industry’s leading distributors struggle to identify the most significant mega shifts and how one will prepare to navigate these shifts by embracing the changes to remain relevant. 

Today, distributors are asking themselves what winning will look like in the age of rapid change. What evolution will need to occur within distribution businesses in order to remain relevant and successful? How are other leading distributors going to position their companies to remain relevant?

Do you know the trends that are coming or how you will respond? NETWORK 2018 in Scottsdale, Arizona offers distributors a glimpse at what’s coming and how to respond. This annual event is where industry leaders go to hear what’s happening. This year’s NETWORK offers a look at business process transformation and the big ideas that are changing everything; how the new generation of strategic thinkers see options that others ignore; how to employ a strong B2B strategy to build a digital footprint to increase your chances of winning the future and to be among the first to hear the 2019 economic forecast from ASA’s economist Brian Beaulieu.

The future is coming and it’s bringing with it change at an exponential rate. The old days of a simpler time have been replaced with industry customers having access to products at their fingertips and technology changes faster than we can install. How do you keep up with the relenting pace of change? The future and your pathway will unfold at NETWORK 2018 in Scottsdale, Oct. 31-Nov. 2. Registration is open now.