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Danielle Laird
Company: Bradford White (Ambler, Pennsylvania)
Position: Marketing Manager (1.5 years)

How did you get into the industry?

I began working in the plumbing/HVAC trade for the AD buying group, where I was given immeasurable exposure to the manufacturer and wholesale channels. AD not only provided me with the opportunity to understand the impact our industry has within this country but to establish and grow key network contacts in the form of manufacturers, distributors, contractors and more. The established relationships and my compassion for the industry are what brought me to Bradford White.

What do you like the most about your job/company you work for?

Bradford White is a true leader in terms of its commitment to bettering the industry as a whole. I am privileged to work for a company that cares to make the difference in everything we do. This is evident in our organizational commitments, devotion to training, workforce development and so much more. The industry is evolving and Bradford White is committed to helping its customers and business partners prosper and remain relevant, regardless of what changes lay ahead.

How important do you feel it is to attract women into the industry?

It is very important to attract more women into this industry, but it is just as important to give credence to those who already are here. We have a lot of great woman and brilliant woman in key leadership roles who simply want to be viewed on an equal plane as their male counterparts without the label of being “one of those women in the industry.” These women fight day in and day out to remain relevant, grow their businesses and establish high-quality networking relationships. They are not just a “woman in the industry” – they are business people and leaders who simply want to and should expect to be viewed as such.​