Trade associations like the American Supply Association advocate on behalf of an entire industry. The value of associations is apparent when members band together for the common purpose of strengthening an industry, be it regulations, codes and standards, a level playing field in Washington or creating a pathway for the next generation’s labor force. ASA is the national association advocating on your behalf.

Leading an industry by keeping hundreds and thousands of employees, firms, volunteers and staff focused on the mission of being indispensable is a daunting task that is aided through the association’s strategic long-range plan. 

ASA’s volunteers serving on the board of directors as well as special interest divisions and committees meet regularly to map and navigate a pathway towards future success. For the past nine years, this vision has expanded and driven ASA to the highly effective and influential association it is today.  Collectively, ASA’s mega goals, such as building our members’ operational excellence, recruiting, developing and retaining employees and being the recognized voice for advocacy, provide the long-term value for members and the industry.

While the strategic long-range plan has been the one constant for nearly a decade, it is ASA’s impassioned volunteer leadership that continues to think boldly and drive the future success of the association. As current leaders complete their terms and rotate out of their leadership roles, new leaders are ready to step in with their own strengths and styles to contribute to and enhance the cohesive voice of the association. It is the passion, vision, dedication and drive of ASA’s volunteers that continue to push us forward.

ASA has had the good fortune to find great leaders to serve on 12 boards and committees that constitute the organization’s governance structure.  The leadership team consists of visionary, insightful and confident professionals operating with a high degree of commitment to building the industry. These volunteers inspire trust, a shared vision, clarity of purpose and a deep commitment to the mission. 

“Through my years as a volunteer for ASA, I have marveled at the passion and selfless dedication of our volunteers who are the heart of our association,” ASA Chairman Tim Milford (Milford Supply) said. “One minute, we might be fierce competitors in the marketplace, and the next minute we’re all working together under the ASA umbrella and in the best interests of the industry.”

Skilled association management professionals are a critical component to ASA’s leadership team. Staff plays an integral role in the governance process, working closely with the volunteer-led boards and committees to provide them critical information they need to make decisions that chart the course.

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