“We take full advantage of the many services and unique advantages that come with membership in ASA.”

Privately owned Matco-Norca has been in business for more than 60 years and an ASA member for almost as long. The company, headquartered in Brewster, N.Y., is a leading supplier of globally sourced, code-complaint plumbing and PVF products for use in residential and industrial applications. Its nationwide market reach is made possible by trusted ISO-9002 suppliers linked to five geographically positioned distribution centers and select regional warehouses. Scott Bardreau, Matco-Norca’s vice president of sales, had this to say about the longstanding relationship between the company and ASA, and how he benefits personally from ASA programs and services.

“Without a doubt, ASA provides us with unlimited opportunities to learn, engage and network within our industry, and we take full advantage of the many services and unique advantages that come with membership in ASA. Our association with the Industrial Piping Division (IPD) has exposed us to fellow suppliers of industrial and mechanical PVF, wholesale distributors and manufacturers reps.

Through the services of the IPD we’ve been able to interact with a wide range of colleagues, gain practical industry information and market intelligence about latest trends, and participate in forums to address common issues of concern. We have benefitted from IPD membership as a direct result of the information sharing, counsel and advice we’ve received. It has helped us develop a successful, ongoing strategic direction.

The NETWORK event’s IPD Breakfast each year gives us a front-row seat to some of the most dynamic and most successful people in the world. We hear stories and firsthand accounts of how others have faced challenges and tackled issues in their lives. It is critical for all of us to be exposed to people that understand many of the challenges we face and how they have employed good management techniques and used effective leadership skills to captain their way through both calm seas and some turbulent waters as well.

Speaking of the NETWORK event, our ASA membership gives us access to this most anticipated industry event each year, and it never disappoints. We never fail to come away from the event newly informed, inspired and recharged, and renewed in our faith in our industry and our fellow professionals across companies and services.

NETWORK provides valuable information and knowledge on not only what others are doing but to what is happening across our industry. We view NETWORK as a valuable tool that affords every company in the PHCP-PVF industry a chance to connect with their channel partners through educational sessions, one-on-one appointments and other networking events.

Being a moderately sized, privately held company, we especially enjoy the opportunity to connect with our wholesale partners over the course of NETWORK. Participating in NETWORK affords us the valuable one-on-one time to meet with the leaders of these companies and discuss a range of common interests: new products that we are bringing to market, new programs that will make doing business with Matco-Norca that much easier and emerging marketplace trends that will affect each of us.

Upon our return from NETWORK, we convene to discuss what we learned, who we spoke with and formulate strategies to carry us not only through the end of the year but into the future. We look forward to attending this year’s event in Nashville!

Additionally, regional affiliate organizations such as the Southern Wholesalers Association (SWA), Wholesalers Association of the North East (WANE), North Central Wholesalers Association (NCWA) and Pacific Southwest Distributors Association are instrumental in keeping us connected to our customers on a region-by-region basis.   

Without a doubt, ASA’s legislative and regulatory initiatives bring into focus the issues that specifically impact supply-chain partners throughout the PHCP and industrial PVF industry, specifically tax and regulatory issues. Guidance on these often complex matters is especially important to family-owned small- and medium-size businesses.

Reading ASA Advisory reports also provides valuable insight into what is happening around us. We gain valuable insight from ASA’s economic synopsis into current B2B trends, the housing starts data the association provides, as well being given a constant snapshot of what’s happening in Washington, D.C.

On a more personal note, I rely on the ASA calendar to help me stay current with the full range of industry events. It’s one more reason why ASA is our trusted partner.