Our ASA membership provides us with a rare sense of community and serves as a “go-to” source of industry understanding and involvement. It is an invaluable association that we at InSinkErator put to great use on a regular basis.

While there are many outstanding benefits that ASA offers, InSinkErator relies on four specific benefits in particular that have been advantageous to our company and the individuals working for us.  These benefits include the categories of Networking, Education, Business Intelligence and Advocacy. So let’s talk about what you can expect from an ASA company membership by examining these four benefits in a little more detail.

1. Networking. By joining ASA and attending its events, you will gain direct access to the PHCP-PVF industry’s premier wholesaler-distributors and manufacturers. The association’s annual convention, special interest divisions, peer networking councils, and volunteer-driven boards and committees afford opportunities to connect with industry leaders, hear what is important to them and establish the camaraderie that helps build successful business relationships. Further, our rising young talent can round out their education and experience by joining groups such as Young Executives and Women in Industry.

2. Education. The industry’s training and education resources at ASA University help our customers’ employees, as well our own employees in understanding all levels of wholesale distribution and the various intricacies therein. The breadth and depth of the ASAU offering is phenomenal and extremely relevant to today’s workforce in the current and future industry. Also, ASAU allows our company to deliver category-specific training to our channel partners industry-wide in a highly efficient manner. We are particularly excited about the Masters of Distribution Management certification, a comprehensive multi-format program with five phases that resembles a university master’s degree program.

3. Business Intelligence. ASA is the industry’s best source for overall knowledge about performance in the PHCP-PVF supply chain. On a monthly basis, ASA collects and compiles a wealth of data from its wholesaler-distributor members and key economists. The industry benchmarks and forecasts offer timely and reliable information that provides valuable insights that we have found to be industry-specific and very accurate. In addition, the comprehensive industry events calendar that is updated for current and future years figures prominently in our sales resource planning processes and has for some time.

4. Advocacy. The majority of companies in our industry do not have the resources to advocate for their own interests in Washington, D.C. For any given issue, this requires a consistent message as well as a persistent delivery, which is why ASA employs its own full-time staff based in Washington, D.C. ASA is positioned to mobilize and speak clearly with one industry voice, which we find invaluable for dealing with regulatory issues. Elected officials educated by a respected industry source such as ASA on legislation that impacts the industry is instrumental to influence officials when needed most.

In my view, it’s never been more important for industry professionals to stand behind the organizations and forums where shared interests are supported. An ASA membership does just that and pays dividends for your company. If you’re considering becoming a member please contact ASA Member Services at membership@asa.net,
or call 630-467-0000 and press 5.

It could be one of the best investments you make in your business.

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This article was originally titled “Strength by association” in the March 2017 print edition of Supply House Times.