Coming off five consecutive years of net membership growth in 2016, seven companies joined ASA as new members this year, of which five are wholesaler-distributors. Two of the new members, Atlas Supply and Ruehlen Supply, joined as a direct result of association staff attending the Omni buying group’s 2017 Spring Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Atlas and Ruehlen both are Omni members. “As a whole, Omni members reflect a profile that is true for about half of ASA’s 330 wholesaler members, which is to say that their best competitors are ASA members,” ASA Executive Director Chris Murin said. “With more than 300 different wholesalers and manufacturers in attendance, we get to help so many companies make the most from membership and participation in our industry’s national organization. We can’t thank enough John Aykroyd, Bob Hoff and Omni’s board of directors for their partnership and this fantastic opportunity.”