On behalf of the American Supply Association, its Industrial Piping Division, Supply House Times and parent company BNP Media, I’d like to welcome you to the new PVF Outlook eNewsletter.

This partnership between ASA, Supply House Times and BNP Media, is thrilled to be launching this first issue of ASA’s PVF Outlook eNewsletter. This monthly digital publication will continue to build on the success of the former quarterly magazine of the same PVF Outlook name. Our goal is to bring members of the industrial and mechanical pipe, valve and fittings supply chain the latest news, market trends and forecasts, products and expert opinions — information that will help you do your job even better.

We’re also particularly excited about a new addition to the publication in the form of monthly PVF commodities reports. Each issue of PVF Outlook contains the latest market trends and forecasts in seven key commodity areas vital to the industrial and mechanical PVF space.

Each month readers can find the latest information on carbon-steel, pipe, fittings and flanges; stainless-steel pipe, fittings and flanges; copper tube and fittings; plastics, valves, grooved product and malleable-iron product. These reports are compiled by members of ASA’s IPD Executive Council — individuals with long-time experience and expertise in those particular commodity categories. All of this valuable information now is under one roof and right at your fingertips each month in PVF Outlook.

Through ASA’s Advocacy initiative, we’ll also keep you informed on the latest happenings in Washington that affect your companies and employees. At the same time, you’ll receive the latest codes and standards news and issues that correlate to industrial and mechanical PVF participants.

If there are industrial and mechanical PVF topics you would like to see covered in an upcoming issue of PVF Outlook, please reach out to me at miazgam@bnpmedia.com. Your input always is welcome.

Have an enjoyable holiday season.

Mike Miazga
Supply House Times
PVF Outlook