Jones Stephens, a World and Main company, completed its investment in a new customer experience program and training center at its Moody, Ala., headquarters. Completion of this initiative launched a new year-round customer outreach and training program that will facilitate the training of up to 450 customer representatives annually.

The new customer experience program and training center is designed to deliver, train and educate customers about the counter experience their customers should have. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment filled with product demonstration videos, a custom-built retail counter, fully stocked product displays and learning space for hands-on training.

“The investment in the new customer training center launches our comprehensive wholesaler experience and training tour program,” Jones Stephens Channel Marketing Manager Alana Hawk said. “We value our wholesalers’ time and want to ensure we are spending it wisely by delivering a first-class comprehensive experience when they come to Jones Stephens.”