Long Beach, Calif.-based industrial PVF distributor Columbia Specialty Co., will convert its existing headquarters and distribution center to a 100% user of solar electricity.

The 28.000-sq.-ft. facility in Long Beach will supply 120 KWh from the 464-panel photovoltaic array mounted atop the building and is estimated to produce 210,000 KWh of electricity per year.

The company noted the system, engineered by SolarWorld System Solutions, will reap the renewable rewards of clean production of enough energy to run the two-story headquarters office complex as well as all electric forklifts and material pickers in its distribution warehouse. The system also will run all 15 machining and fabrication centers located at the same facility and will include the installation of EV charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles.

“This investment in renewable stable production and pricing of our electric utilities will enable us to meet the needs of our customers and our associated branch locations for many years into the future,” Columbia President Mike Taylor said. “It will help us remain competitive over time despite the rising costs of electricity produced from other sources. This sustainable alternative is a responsible solution that makes sense financially and environmentally.”