Being an industry partner to organizations such as the American Supply Association comes with a tremendous level of responsibility. If you are going to invest your money into an organization, it is equally as critical that you invest your time and intellectual capital to ensure the continued success of your company, the organization and its membership. These partnerships are really business alliances that can have a tremendously positive impact when partners and organizations work, learn and grow together to capitalize on industry opportunities or address industry challenges.


Industry challenges

In reality, most of the challenges facing membership organizations today are shared by their business partners and vise versa. In the case of ASA and Bradford White, sometimes these are short- to mid-term challenges such as helping business partners and customers understand the new 2015 water heater efficiency standards brought about by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). Working together, Bradford White was able to assist ASA in preparing for this important industry transition by listening to its members and putting together communications that would address the association’s needs as well as the needs of its wholesale customers.


Workforce decline

Another clear-cut example as to where an industry phenomenon will have a similar impact on ASA, Bradford White and a long list of other wholesale-only industry players is the current decline in people entering the HVAC and plumbing trades. According to U.S. Census data recently shared by the national office of the Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), there will be a need for 21% more plumbing and 21% HVACR technicians by 2022, in addition to replacing workers who retire. When you think about the implications of this data to the wholesale industry and wholesale-committed manufacturers such as Bradford White, the effects could be devastating if not addressed. The good news is that the strength of organizations such as ASA and the commitment it has from its industry partners, can help turn these significant challenges into great opportunities.

In the cases of NAECA readiness and the need to increase the strength of the HVAC and plumbing workforce, both require equal and concentrated association/partnership contributions to arrive at the most favorable position possible for all parties involved. ASA understands this notion well, and by insisting that its industry partners are “involved” partners, it gets positive results and makes us all better for it. The continued growth of ASA and the ongoing additions of new corporate partners is a testament to the association’s commitment.


Advance Your Ability

ASA promotes a value statement of “Advance Your Ability.” This statement represents a real opportunity for both ASA members and their business partners such as Bradford White Corporation. But it doesn’t just happen by signing on and writing a dues or sponsorship check – that’s easy. It’s about making the most of your corporate partnership by getting involved and investing your time and talents as well as your sponsorship dues!