As part of KBIS 2015 in Las Vegas this past January, ASA’s Showroom Managers Networking Council held a seminar on “The Neuroscience of Showrooming” featuring Robb Best of Elkay Manufacturing. The seminar was attended by more than 60 ASA members, and is a perfect example of how ASA’s growing Networking Council sector continues to engage the membership and the industry. Best provided examples of how neuroscience affects decision-making as customers peruse items in your showroom. Specific discussion items included: knowing where the best “closing” space is in your showroom, creating a “memory map” for your customers, being able to provide your customers information “on demand” and how that process can easily translate into purchasing power. 

ASA would like to thank Elkay Manufacturing for sponsoring the KBIS event. Another exciting Showroom Managers Networking Council event is scheduled for June 10–11 in Dallas. Watch the Industry Calendar at for more details.