For service plumbers who need a versatile video inspection system, RIDGIDintroduces the D28 Drum, the latest addition to the SeeSnake D2 Drum series for the rM200 camera system. The rM200 is a compact portable inspection camera system with interchangeable camera drums for jobsite compatibility. The rM200 comes with a choice of the D2A or the new D2B drum — either can be purchased separately. The drums feature different push cable lengths, diameters, stiffness and springs, creating an inspection system platform that can be set up to meet the specific job requirements. The D2A Drum has a 200’ long, 0.3” diameter push cable with a single-nested spring, which provides versatility and maneuverability through traps. The D2B Drum has a 165’ long, 0.35” diameter push cable and its dual-nested spring provides a more gradual stiffness transition, making it easier to negotiate turns and tees.