Plan 5 Minutes Every Day

Taking less than 1% of your day to plan the other 99% will yield much more than 5 minutes in return. The many benefits of a written plan include the ability to recover faster from interruptions, to control events instead of events controlling you, to weigh daily opportunities against your plan so you can make better decisions and to save the time lost transitioning between tasks. The excuse I hear most often for not planning is “I don’t have time,” but really it’s time you lose when you don’t have a plan.



Psychologists say there are only two forms of human motivation and they are to “move toward gain” or to “prevent pain.” Gain activities include things that move you toward your goals. Prevent pain activities include all responsibilities that would eventually find you if you neglected them. Great time managers (great decision makers) execute their prevent pain tasks but also have gain activities as a consistent part of each day. 


Under Commit and Over Deliver

This is one of the greatest productivity secrets of all time. So often we tend to do the opposite. This one skill alone can reduce tremendous amounts of stress in your life and significantly strengthen your relationships.