Joe Poehlingof Madison, Wis.-based First Supply and Pat Adams of Kansas City, Mo.-based MKS Pipe and Valve Co. were presented with ASA’s 2013 IPD and Plumbing Division awards of excellence respectively at NetworkASA 2013 in Washington.

Gary Jonesof Eastern Penn Supply Co. said, “Ask 10 different people about Joe Poehling and you’ll receive reflections on 10 different roles Joe has played within the industry. I dare say that if I asked more than 10, I’d learn about even more positions that Joe has held over the years.”

Jay Bazemoreof JABO Supply Corp., stated, “Pat Adams’ willingness to share so much of his knowledge and expertise coupled with his influence within our industry has helped ASA’s Industrial Piping Division continue to grow and flourish as it does today.”

The Plumbing Division Award of Excellence was established in 2012. It recognizes individuals who have a record of significant accomplishment and recognition in the PHCP industry with an overall influence on the current status of the channel.

Recipients should have a history of dedicated service to the ASA Plumbing Division, are active participants in division activities and project an overall positive industry image in general. Last year’s inaugural recipients were Wally Gumm of Embassy Group and Rick Schwartz of WinWholesale.

The IPD Award of Excellence was established in 2008 to honor a member of ASA’s Industrial Piping Division with a record of significant accomplishments and a long-standing history of service specifically related to the industrial and mechanical PVF segment of the PHCP and PVF industry.

Past recipients include Tim Arenberg (Columbia Pipe and Supply Co.), Gary Cartright (Piping & Equipment, Inc.), Dr. Donald R. McNeeley (Chicago Tube & Iron Corp.), Morris R. Beschloss and John E. Martin (Anvil International).

For more on the Plumbing Division and IPD Award of Excellence presentations, visit ASA’s homepage.