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Like every other business, wholesale distribution is driven by the ability to grow sales. And while wholesalers recognize showrooms provide a tremendous potential for increased sales and profits, they may not fully embrace the retail model that will generate profits. All showroom personnel are invited to join Hank Darlington, author of “Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales,” as he shares his knowledge on performing as a top-notch sales consultant. Hank also facilitates a Q&A period during each session.


During this 7-part webinar series, attendees will also learn the important role that showrooms play in the overall operations of the wholesale distribution business.  Selling is an art and a skill that is made up of various techniques that must be continually practiced and worked on.


 For those who missed the May session, plan to join us in July as Hank repeats this well-received program. For more information, visit www.asa.net/education or contact info@asa.net