Not only has a significant portion of Delta’s product line earned the WaterSense label, the company played an integral role in the WaterSense showerhead specification development process by leading the effort to develop testing equipment and procedures to certify WaterSense-labeled showerheads.

The Environmental Protection Agency presented Delta Faucet Co. its 2011WaterSenseManufacturer Partner of the Year Award at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas during the annualWaterSense AwardsBanquet. Not only has a significant portion of the company’s product line earned the WaterSense label, Delta played an integral role in the WaterSense showerhead specification development process by leading the effort to develop testing equipment and procedures to certify WaterSense-labeled showerheads.

The company also supplemented its product development work with widespread promotion of water-efficient products and practices. An email campaign promoted the release of the WaterSense showerhead specification, while a new “Green at Delta” section of the company website provided customers with access to WaterSense-labeled products.

In addition, during WaterSense’s Fix a Leak Week,Paul Patton, a Delta Faucet Co. senior product development manager, appeared on a local TV show to encourage consumers to fix household leaks.

By the end of 2010, nearly 40 percent of the company’s showerhead shipments and more than 85 percent of its lavatory faucets were WaterSense-labeled. More than two-thirds of Delta Faucet’s products from the Delta, Brizo and Peerless faucet brands now offer WaterSense-labeled options.

Other WaterSense Partners of the Year are:

  • Retailer Partner: The Home Depot. The retail chain sells only WaterSense-labeled lavatory faucets in its 2,000 locations across the country and calculates that customers saved roughly 27 billion gallons of water and $174 million on water utility bills in 2010.

    To ensure that its employees understand the benefits of WaterSense-labeled products, The Home Depot offers product knowledge classes, seasonal apron cards, training courses and discussions on its internal social network. On Earth Day 2010, the company gave away nearly half a million WaterSense-labeled faucet aerators as part of a display in New York City’s Times Square.

    The Home Depot included WaterSense in its “Lowering the Cost of Maintaining Your Home” campaign, which was promoted across all of the company’s social marketing vehicles. The company’s website collected 1.1 billion impressions for the WaterSense program in 2010, often through visits to WaterSense educational “pods” or through the Eco Options microsite. These online efforts supported an increase in online sales of WaterSense-labeled toilets by more than 500 percent last year.

  • Promotional Partner: Cobb County Water System. This two-time WaterSense Partner of the Year educates Georgia consumers on water-efficiency through events and presentations, leading to an 80 percent familiarity of WaterSense among area consumers.

    The water system, which serves 680,000 residents, gave 75 WaterSense-related presentations in 2010 and coordinated with other WaterSense partners to host a “We’re for Water” educational event at the Georgia Aquarium, featuring a fun and engaging Plinko game with WaterSense’s “Check, Twist, and Replace” messaging.

    To support WaterSense-labeled new homes, Cobb County Water System chaired a committee to regionalize the guidance for the outdoor portion of the WaterSense New Homes Specification and trained local irrigation and landscape professionals on WaterSense new homes criteria. Working with the Georgia Homebuilders Association and the Metro Atlanta Home Builders Association, Cobb County’s efforts were vital to educating the Atlanta builder community on the WaterSense specification.

  • Builder Partner: KB Home. This national home-building company unveiled the first WaterSense-labeled homes in November 2010 at its Springwood community in Roseville, Calif., quickly expanding the program to other communities in Florida and Texas.

    In addition to building the first WaterSense-labeled homes, the company has incorporated WaterSense-labeled products into every one of the thousands of homes it builds each year across the country.

    To educate homeowners on the benefits of saving water, KB Home placed displays highlighting WaterSense in its sales offices. As part of the company’s Built to Order program, homebuyers can select WaterSense-labeled products and additional water-efficient features at the KB Home Studio. To further demonstrate water savings in its model homes, KB Home’s Architecture Department prepared a “waterwise” landscaping guide for all its divisions, calling for mandatory implementation in every community in 2010.

  • Licensed Certification Provider for WaterSense Labeled New Homes: Energy Inspectors Corp. Working closely with WaterSense partner KB Home, the corporation inspected and certified the first WaterSense-labeled new homes and recruited additional builder partners.

    Realizing the important role of plumbers and landscape irrigation professionals in the new home construction process, Energy Inspectors Corp. presented a three-hour educational seminar with the EPA to KB Home Southern California’s landscape and plumbing trade professionals, providing important program information to everyone involved in creating a WaterSense-labeled new home.

  • Irrigation Partner: Christopher Curry. The sole individual Partner of the Year, Curry, a principal at Sweeney + Associates Irrigation Design and Consulting (Orange, Calif.), practices water-efficient irrigation design and helps the San Diego Parks & Recreation Department save 3 million gallons of water per year.

    In 2010, Curry presented Riverside, Calif., with a drip irrigation plan for some of the city’s medians. With a projected savings of one million gallons of water per year, reduced overflow into the streets, and more cost-effective installation, Riverside decided not only to install drip irrigation systems in those medians, but in all of the medians across the city.

Excellence Awards

Kohler Co., Moen and Niagara Conservation Corp. were presented with Excellence Awards for Participation and Collaboration in Promotional Events.

  • Kohler Co.’s product displays for WaterSense-labeled fixtures were featured in 884 wholesale show­rooms and 500 Home Depot and Lowe’s stores in 2010. The company, a two-time WaterSense Partner of the Year and 2010 Excellence Award winner, promoted WaterSense-labeled toilets at venues ranging from PGA Tour events to Yellowstone National Park.

  • Moen designed and built a custom two-sink vanity display for the EPA’s “We’re for Water” kickoff event in 2010 and secured home improvement experts for WaterSense media segments. Moen, a 2010 Partner of the Year, continued to sell only WaterSense-labeled lavatory faucets for the second year in a row and promoted Water-Sense to consumers, builders, remodelers, plumbers and other trade professionals.

  • Niagara Conservation increased public awareness of the WaterSense label in 2010 by placing billboard advertisements in Times Square and Las Vegas highlighting benefits of its WaterSense-labeled toilets. In addition to donating showerheads to the “We’re for Water” kickoff, Niagara Conservation promoted WaterSense-labeled products through brochures, marketing materials, product guides, websites and product demonstrations for customers.

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