American Standard Brands  andKohler Co.recently were named the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 WaterSense Manufacturer Partners of the Year. The WaterSense program ( encourages consumers to reduce their water usage through water-saving products and services, as well as by making simple changes in behavior to help conserve water.

TheWaterSense Partner of the Year awardsrecognize organizations that are on the cutting edge of water efficiency innovation, collaboration and outreach.

American Standard 's SAVER high-efficiency toilet.

American Standard Brands

American Standard is being awarded a 2012 Manufacturer Partner of the Year distinction, in part, for developing a WaterSense-labeled toilet that can be installed without tools, making it easier than ever for homeowners to upgrade to a water-saving toilet. ThisSAVER high-efficiency toilet- using only 1.28 gallons per flush and meeting stringent WaterSense certification requirements for water savings - is designed to be installed with simple hand tightening, no tools needed.

Offered in two-piece and one-piece models, the SAVER offers the comfortable Right Height bowl configuration that meets all ADA requirements for accessibility.

The company also demonstrated a strong commitment to water conservation by organizing the Responsible Bathroom Tour, a mobile plumbing showroom that visited more than 100 locations nationwide in 2011, presenting water conserving products and strategies. This walk-through plumbing showroom provided hands-on demonstrations of WaterSense-certified toilets, faucets and showerheads to more than 26,000 people across the United States.

Additionally, the tour partnered with numerous water utility companies, reaching approximately 5.8 million residential water customers with rebate incentive information to replace older water-guzzling toilets with HET models.

As part of its water conservation educational efforts, American Standard produced a “Professor Toilet” blog that serves both the professional and residential customer audiences, sharing useful information about plumbing products, conserving water, remodeling homes and a myriad of helpful topics. Delivered in a humor, light-hearted manner, the blog posts helped to educate the public and entertain at the same time.

“American Standard Brands is privileged to be recognized by the EPA as its 2012 WaterSense Partner of the Year for the pioneering product solutions, technical leadership and outstanding performance that have been part of our company’s heritage for over 140 years,” saidJay Gould, president and CEO of American Standard Brands.

For more information on WaterSense-certified American Standard products, call 800/899-2614.

Kohler's Numi toilet.

Kohler Co.

Kohler was the first company to earn the EPA WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year Award in 2008. The company received the Partner of the Year award again in 2009, and was lauded with Excellence Awards in 2010 and 2011.

One of the Kohler initiatives noted by the WaterSense program was the “Wasting Water is Weird” public service announcement campaign that Kohler planned, sponsored and executed with several other organizations in the industry. This campaign was a bold and humorous way to reach consumers with the water conservation message and also included a large social media and web component, helping increase its effectiveness with a larger audience.

Kohler’s efforts to promote water conservation included product placement in several high-profile projects and locations including ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition;” Yellowstone National Park; The House in Innoventions at Epcot, Disney World, Orlando, Fla.; PUNCHouse, Lisa Ling’s personal home focused on sustainable living; and the World Trade Center museum restrooms.

Another initiative called out by WaterSense was Kohler’s introduction of theNumi toilet, Kohler’s most advanced toilet. The Numi toilet is Kohler’s most water-efficient dual-flush toilet and proves that water efficiency can be integrated into luxury products without sacrificing performance or design.

Additionally, Kohler increased its WaterSense-labeled showerhead offering by more than double, providing a multitude of new designs to consumers that will continue to help save water.

“Kohler has made great strides in the past year in water conservation, not only in its product offering but also in public awareness and education,” saysRob Zimmerman, manager of engineering, water conservation and sustainability for Kohler Co. “Kohler is known for its work in advancing the plumbing industry in technology and design, and water conservation is no different.”

Visitwww.SaveWaterAmerica.comfor more information about Kohler’s water-saving products and its continuing efforts to help drive conservation.

WaterSense awards

“WaterSense is proud to partner with these champions of water efficiency who share our mission to protect the future of our nation’s water supply,” saidNancy Stoner, EPA’s acting assistant administrator for water. “The 2012 WaterSense Partners of the Year were exceptional in their efforts to support innovative approaches to help people and companies save water and money on utility bills nationwide.”

The WaterSense Partners of the Year awards were launched in 2008 to recognize excellence in the field of water conservation and the special efforts of WaterSense partners to advance the program’s mission. WaterSense-labeled products have helped Americans save 287 billion gallons of water and $4.7 billion in water and energy bills since the WaterSense program’s inception in 2006.

Source: WaterSense