For the past year, the ASA Education Foundation has focused on converting all its content-rich training courses into an online, interactive format. We are proud to announce that the widely-used book-based ProductPro® and Essential courses are now available in ASAU Online, a learning management system (LMS) that delivers engaging training programs 24/7. ASAU Online courses are presented in quick and highly interactive modules, perfect for the employee used to getting information from the internet. 

As a bonus, company training administrators and owners can train, track and assess employees’ progress within ASAU Online. Thanks to the support of the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund, the ASAEF offers companies FREE access to the training management aspect of ASAU Online without incurring the cost of building an LMS of their own.

Visit the Education section of and start your online training today! Need help? Contact Patrick Osborne at or 312.464.0090, ext. 209.