Sloan FLUSHMATE announced that a report by Koeller & Co. and Veritec Consulting revealed that FLUSHMATE pressure-assist systems made a significant impact on water usage at the Parc 55 Union Square Hotel in San Francisco. FLUSHMATE systems were installed as part of the hotel’s program to replace aging fixtures.

In a 10-page report Koeller and Veritec said the hotel began replacing all 1,030 of its 3.5 gallon-per-flush (gpf) gravity fed toilet fixtures in 2007, with project completion in late 2008. They found that after the systems were replaced, monthly water consumption fell from 3.52 million gallons to 2.59 million gallons.

The study also found that both the number of maintenance calls, as well as average time spent on a maintenance call, fell about 50%. To download a copy of the report, or call 1-800-580-7141.