If you hate voice mail like me, try out PhoneTag.

I hate voice mail.

You have to call in to retrieve it, if it’s for your cell phone getting your voicemail is burning minutes.

A lot of the messages aren’t worth returning, and some people leave their whole life history in each voice mail.

I don’t do voice mail any more.

I switched over to PhoneTag (http://www.phonetag.com), until just recently called Simulscribe).

They sent me a magic “code” to key into my cell phone, which set it to call forward calls when I don’t answer to a special telephone number they assigned me when I signed up.

So if you call me and I don’t answer, you hear the same message I would have used for my cell phone. You leave your message. PhoneTag transcribes it. I get the message via text message and email (the email includes an MP3 recording of the message).

Because the text message arrives silently, I can see your message while in a meeting…  Or while overseas.

Feel free to use myreferral code to sign up.


I even promise to return your call.