You’ve got a plane ticket, where should you sit? SeatGuru has the answer for you.

You’ve got a plane ticket, where should you sit? If you fly a certain airline a lot, you figure out there are “special” seats (e.g. on United’s Ted the second exit row, row 11, has more leg room than domestic first class).

But what about that occasional flight on Aeroflot, the Russian national airline? Where are the good seats?

SeatGuru( has the answer.

You select the airline you’re flying (yes they even have Aeroflot), and then the plane you are flying on. The webpage shows a seat map color coded:
    • Plain is a standard seat.
    • Green are good seats.
    • Yellow are seats with “issues.”
    • Red are seats to avoid.
Mouse over any seat and you get extra details why they are colored the way they are.

The one problem might be figuring out what plane you are flying on. Many airlines have several configurations of the same plane, with different seat maps. Is this a domestic 767 or an international 767 configuration on your itinerary?

But if you get past that, SeatGuru can help you find those magic seats, like the two seats on United’s 777 international configuration that have as much leg room as business class! Just the special knowledge you need if you’re going to be stuck in economy for 13 hours.