Asbestos Witch Trials Feedback

I just finished reading Jim Olsztynski’s editorial inSupply House Times(October 2008, page 64, “Asbestos Witch Trials”) and I couldn’t agree more. I am a 64-year-old retired U A service technician who had 30 years in the field and 15 more in the office. I started my career with a residential company as an installer’s helper tearing out old coal furnaces with loose asbestos laying in the top cavity of the bonnet and the pipe wrapped in asbestos paper. Later when I moved up to commercial and industrial equipment, I was exposed to even more on structural steel and pipe insulation. I am also an ex-smoker and while the smoking got to me in shortness of breath, the asbestos exposure never did. I’m sure though that if I wanted to get a lawyer or get into a class action lawsuit, I could get some money from one or both. Thank God I wasn’t raised that way. I think it’s a shame what our legal system has become.
I love your magazines - keep up the good work.

Roger Doel
Service manager
Cincinnati, OH

Just wanted to thank Jim Olsztynski for the great “In Closing” article on asbestos in the October 2008Supply House Times. It was very informative and to the point. And it certainly is a witch hunt.

We were lucky to have one dropped this past year which went back to the 1950s and ’60s. None of the manufacturers were still around, so they went after the distributors.

The article sits in my “Potential Asbestos Legal Claim” file.

George G. Conyngham, Jr.
Eastern PA Supply Co.
Wilkes-Barre, PA