Here are letters received from readers regarding the April 2008 50th anniversary issue ofSupply House Times.

Richard Campbell, director of marketing, Western Water Works Supply,
Chino Hills, CA:

Congratulations on the 50th anniversary issue ofSupply House Times. It looks and reads great. We appreciate the inclusion of Western Water Works in the 50 Best Practices. It validates our efforts in many of the other areas of our business.

Dottie Ramsey, president/COO, Modern Supply Co., Knoxville, TN:
Just wanted to let you know that this was one of the best issues ever! I enjoyed reading all the articles about past, present and future.

Jason Bourque, CAE, program manager, Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating, Toronto, ON:
I enjoyed reading the April edition ofSupply House Times. I was particularly impressed with “50 Green Building Trends for the Future” by Nora DePalma. I am the volunteer secretary for the Energy Efficiency Contractor’s Network. This is a new association that focuses on educating and training commercial contractors in Ontario, Canada. I would like to be able to circulate this article to them.

Bud Healy, director of education, HARDI, Columbus, OH:
I’m certain Jim Olsztynski and his associates will receive scores of congratulatory comments on the 50th anniversary issue ofSupply House Times. The 50 ideas theme was terrific. I can understand the efforts this issue entailed, as I participated in the 100th anniversary issue ofAmerican Artisanmagazine, which was in the Horton family for a very brief time.

Julie Tompkins, inventory analyst - Florida Region, HD Supply Plbg/HVAC, Orlando, FL:
Something caught my eye on page 177 “Remember When” from your photo archives. The picture at the top left looks like some people who were employed by Hughes Supply in Orlando, FL, way back when.

Editor’s Response:
The photo was taken at Hughes Supply around 1963-1964. We had hoped readers might recognize some of the faces in the photos.

Mark L. Crosby, centralized purchasing agent, Branch 4517 Florida Purchasing Office, HD Supply, Orlando, FL:
I have worked here for 35 years. The top left picture on page 177 is from Hughes Supply and includes R.V. Hughes, who is the son of the original founder, Russell Hughes. I’ve known R.V. for a long time.

Don Arnold, writer and consultant, author of College of Product Knowledge, INTER/SOURCE, Gurnee, IL:

Great job on the anniversary issue! I loved it - especially the memories of Charlie Horton. I also enjoyed the comments about the “Horton/Walther Wars.” Jim Olsztynski is the closest thing to Charlie Horton in terms of writing ability, personality and identification with our industry in this era. He’s the best!