Increase awareness in fraudulent credit card order scams.

To all wholesalers and distributors, increase your awareness in fraudulent credit card order scams in light of a growing number of instances seen over the past few months. Manufacturers have encouraged distributors to take proactive steps to verify any credit cards as the payment method in order to minimize the cost and exposure to distributors. 

Be aware of these conditions when a customer looking for request for quote via e-mail or fax with SQE, SQ, and SQ Flex product. The most common requests come in asking for all of these product types on one request. Each case has been very similar as an order comes into a partner using a credit card for purchase. The initial run of the credit card comes back approved.

However, once the customer's credit card has been charged for the full amount (after shipment) the card is declined because it has been stolen. If someone you don't know is purchasing a large amount of product using a credit card make sure you validate the credit card by calling the credit card company and/or running the credit card for the full amount before the product ships.