Benchmarking can move firms from operating to excelling.

Simple financial benchmarking analysis can provide significant performance insights that may not otherwise be possible. Understanding financial ratio benchmarks and the positive impact of this type of analysis could mean the difference between simply “operating” your business or “excelling” in your industry.

Using Financial Ratios

Financial ratio analysis is a vital part of the successful operation of any business. The term “financial ratio analysis” basically refers to the comparison of one performance indicator versus another such as relating bottom line profits to sales in the form of profits as a percent of sales. Ratios such as this represent an important gauge for monitoring the performance of your firm over time and as compared to your peers in the industry.

Recognizing that performance ratios are an important gauge for assessing a company’s strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities, the logical question arises, “where does a company obtain such benchmark information at an affordable price?”

ASA Provides a Solution

This type of custom financial analysis is readily available from the American Supply Association. The annual ASAOperating Performance Report (OPR)represents the most complete, accurate and up-to-date comparative financial performance information available anywhere for the PHCP and PVF wholesaling industry. This study is designed to serve as an easy-to-understand, actionable tool for industry firms to evaluate their company’s operating results in order to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and improvement opportunities.

To participate in ASA’s 2008 Operating Performance Report, contact Chris Murin at or 312.464.0090 ext. 205.